Make your company sustainable with the integration of electric vehicle! Optimize your routes, prioritize vehicles and reduce carbon footprint.


Integration of electric vehicle into your fleet
becomes easy and profitable

Antsway strongly believes in the development of electric engine. That’s why our experts integrated all the constraints about electric vehicle use into our route optimization software.
Antsway goes further with complete management of electric vehicle. With AntsRoute, professional use of electric vehicle becomes profitable.

Rentabilisation Véhicule Electrique

Opportunity for businesses

Due to the low operating costs, the use of electric vehicle has a strong economical potential for companies. The battery-life is now adequate to carry out most of daily deliveries, pick-ups and multi-stop routes (Home Care, Visit & Help services, Repair & Maintenance, Cleaning, etc.)

Optimisation tournées véhicules électriques

Maximized Battery-life

We developed algorithms to calculate the energy expenditure of each vehicle depending on the routes. It helps to precisely determine the required battery-life. The driver knows beforehand the battery-life and avoid breaking down in the event of unexpected situations or traffic jam. Algorithms maximize the use of electric vehicle and integrate profitably these low carbon emissions vehicles into the fleet.

Optimisation Véhicules Electriques

Optimized charge

The development of battery-life requires a longest and more energy intensive charge. To reduce energy expenditure, it is necessary to smartly manage the charge. That’s why we developed optimized charge solutions to manage chargers according to planed routes.

Make your company sustainable with our electric vehicle integration solutions!

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