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Career Blog: Nicolas Klein – Middle-Market Salesman – Antsway

Nicolas Klein Commercial Antsway01 My job within Antsway

I am currently doing a cooperative training course. I carried out a master’s degree and work as a middle-market salesman within the French start-up Antsway.


02 My educational background

After graduating with a university technology diploma in Sales Technique and a bachelor’s degree in Business Negotiations, I wanted to reinforce my skills in sales development. That’s why I started a master’s degree in this area.


03 My arrival and development within the French start-up

I joined the team as Sales Assistant. I quickly became independent and was promoted to the position of Middle-Market Salesperson. I wanted to support the team and our CEO Marc Grojean in the development of Antsway. Today, each company which decide to join us and use our route optimization software is a sucess for Antsway but also a personal victory. That’ a nice journey full of satisfaction, questioning, doubts, success and most of them a beneficial traineeship. Join the team was also a good opportunity to discover the IT and Operations Research field.


04 What I enjoy in my daily work

I specially appreciate the variety of tasks, independence and opportunity to work with companies from different areas. Finding solutions to meet our customers’ needs is valuable.


05 Customers from different areas

Route optimization concerns almost every transport and logistic areas. These companies are different but they are all sharing a common ambition: save operating costs and make the supply chain easier. We received daily calls from companies working in different areas and having a corporate fleet of various size. It gives us the opportunity to constantly improve our solutions.


06 An adjustable software

This is one of our strength! Each area has its own constraints and our software has been developed to meet different needs. AntsRoute is user-adjustable and adaptable to different fields. That’s why our system is easy to handle, and you get results quickly.


07 Support our customers

The sales team support customers during the implementation of solutions till the complete handling of the software. Customers are the center of our business policy and together we are going further in the route optimization. The main strength of Antsway is the complete understanding of customers’ expectations and support from the team. We are spending time on supporting our clients to make their job easier. It’s a win-win situation! Supporting and responding to our customers’ needs contribute to the development of AntsRoute.


08 Join Antsway on the jounrney!

If you are curious and patient, you’ll fit into the team easily! Joining Antsway is a positive journey. Within the French start-up Antsway, you have a good insight of the different departments, that helps you in the understanding of each employee’s tasks.


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