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Innovative route optimization software for your deliveries, pick-ups or multiple stops routes.

Enhance customer relations &

Improve your performance

The all-in-one route optimization solutions for the Operations Managers

Logiciel Planification Tournées

Save time

Automated planification and live tracking to reduce by 20% time necessary to manage your routes. Our solutions make your routes management easy. A single click to find the best routes!

Logiciel Optimiseur de Tournées

Get shortest routes

Our easy-to-use software helps you to minimize travelling time with up to 20% shorter routes. Deliverymen and technicians spend less time on the road and more time with customers.

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées Collecte

Save operating costs

Reduce your operating costs by 35% with our innovative solutions thanks to the optimization of your resources and lower fuel consumption.

Logiciel construction tournées optimisées

Improve working conditions

Send routes to drivers and give them all the information they need to carry out deliveries and multi-stops routes stress-free and without delays. Our intuitive mobile app enhances driver’s experience on the road.

Logiciel de planification de tournées

Improve customer satisfaction

AntsRoute considers all constraints about customers to plan routes that meet their expectations. Don’t keep your clients waiting by sending them the right information through automated mail or text message notifications.

Logiciel optimisation tournées livraison

Reduce carbon footprint

Our route optimization system helps you to become sustainable! Reduce greenhouse gas emissions of your fleet by 25% thanks to shorter routes and lower fuel consumption. Go further with the integration of electric vehicles.

Integrate NGV and electric vehicles into your fleet

Make the use of a mixed fleet, including electric, hybrid, NGV and combustion-powered vehicles, profitable with AntsRoute!

Antsway developed decision support system after several years of R&D. It provides solutions to profitably integrate low carbon emissions vehicles into corporate fleet. Our route optimization software considers constraints of these vehicles to plan best routes in seconds.

Application Mobile Logiciel Optimisation Tournées

A Team of Experts

in Operations Research and Logistics

Entrepreneurs, Researchers and Engineers

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Year of Business Creation





Application mobile d'optimisation de tournées

A shared ambition

Manage your routes easily and boost energy transition!

Our route optimization approach consists in minimizing routes, reducing operating costs and carbon footprint, balancing drivers’ schedules and optimizing resources. Furthermore, we aim at making the integration of low carbon emissions vehicles into the fleet easier.

Customers sharing their experience with AntsRoute

Planification de tournées

“Without route optimization software, GIE Aptitude would need two extra Administrative Managers to plan multiple stops routes. AntsRoute rescues us from hours of routes planning.”

Pauline Mougel, Operating Manager – GIE Aptitude

Optimisation de tournées
Optimiseur de tournées
Construction Plans de Tournées
Planificateur de tournées

Our Values

optimisation de tournées


We are committing on an ongoing basis to give our customers simple and quality solutions to offer best delivery and pick-up services.

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées Intervention


We are open to proposals and in tune with customers to increase expertise and improve our route optimization solutions.

Logiciel Optimisation Tournées Collecte


Our aim is not only to meet current needs, but also to integrate solutions to meet tomorrow’s needs in strict accordance with environment and humans.

Choose innovative solutions and performance!

Boost your routes optimization and reduce carbon emissions of your fleet with AntsRoute.

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